Wood Hammer Mill

Before making pellet with your pellet making machine, you need to resize your raw material so that they are fit the pellet machine to process pellets, thus the hammer mill is necessary. A hammer mill is a kind of supporting machine to make the size of raw material within 4-5mm.

wood hammer mill with cyclone
wood hammer mill wiothout cyclone
wood hammer mill with cyclone
wood hammer mill wiothout cyclone

Application of wood hammer mill

Wood hammer mill is widely used in the processing of pine, poplar, poplar, fir, bamboo and other trees, as well as thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, all kinds of plate scrap, waste wood board packing box, wood chip, and other fibrous material chip.

hammer mill raw materials

Advantages of wood hammer mill

  • Reasonable design, simple and compact structure.
  • Safety, durability, and high production efficiency.
  • The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor. The noise is small and the work is stable.
  • Low price, low energy consumption and high output.
  • The quality of finished sawdust is good, and the processing cost is low.

Working principle of wood hammer mill

Wood hammer mill adopts blade cutting and high speed airflow impact, double functions of collision and pulverization, and it  can accomplish micro material sorting and processing at the same time. In the cutting and grinding process of the blade, the rotor produces a high speed air flow and rotates with the cutting direction of the blade, The material is accelerated in the air flow, and repeatedly impact, the material is crushed simultaneously, accelerate the crushing rate of materials.

Structure of wood hammer mill

The main machine consists of three parts: the rotor, the upper body and the lower body. Crushing chamber adopts multi-stage crushing process and fine crushing principle device, which is characterized by large impact, high production efficiency and fine crushing ability.

The sawdust crusher consists of main engine, fan, analyzer, powder collector, dust collector and other parts. Each component has compact structure and reasonable layout, its outstanding feature is convenient operation, safe use, good sealing, small noise.

structure of hammer mill with cuclonestructure of hamme mill without cyclone

Parameter of wood hammer mill

FSC200-160B Single,3 phase,1.5Kw 75/85 750x450x730
FSC200-160Q 3.0hp 65/75 920x650x740
FSC300-200B Single,3 phase,3Kw 120/135 1000x750x1120
FSC300-200Q 5.5hp 110/125 1000x750x1120
FSC420-280A 15hp,22hp 370/390,390/410 1650x800x1120
FSC420-280B 3 phase7.5Kw
3 phase 11Kw
250/270,300/320 1200x1000x1220
FSC500-280A 22hp 370/390 1650x800x1120
FSC500-280B 3 phase 11Kw
3 phase 15Kw
FSC500-400A 55hp Cyclone,125/145
Host machine,310/330
Diesel engine,560/590
FSC500-400B 3 phase 22Kw
3 phase 30Kw
Cyclone 125/145
Hammer mill 585/610
FSC500-600B 3 phase 37Kw
3 phase 45Kw

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