Premix Feed Mill

Premix Feed Plant Is Used For Concentrate Feed Mill, Additives Plant, Pre Mix Feed Mill,Has Got CE Certificate And ISO9001:2000. We are manufacturing premix feed plant, animal feed plant, poultry feed plant, chicken feed plant, pig feed plant, cattle feed plant, aqua feed plant or exportation.

Premix Feed Mill

SFYH Series Premix Feed Set 


It is widely used for concentrate feed mill, additives plant, pre mix feed mill to meet requirements for higher output, quality and retrofit;

2.The technology layout is reasonable; machines are stable operation; Steel structure; less floor space;

3.The double shaft paddle mixer made of stainless steel is adopted; all parameters are higher current industry standard;

4.Dedusting machines are used for dumping hopper, hand intake, bagging off so that minimizes dust to meet environmental requirements;

5.High homogeneity (CV≤5% and can reach 3),low residue;

6.It can produce for both concentrate feed and premix feed;

7.Simple liquid adding machine is used for addition of nutrition to improve quality of feed;

8.Analogue control panel is used to facilitate automatic control;

9.Professional design, manufacture, installation to guarantee customer get optimal return

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