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Hygienic condition of flour machinery processing workshop

quality of flour

The hygienic condition of flour machinery production workshop affects the quality of flour. The quality of flour is not only related to equipment, operation, technology and other factors, but also affected by the sanitary condition of the processing workshop. In some small flour mills, poor sanitary conditions exist in the processing workshops of flour machinery and equipment, which is an important reason for the unqualified flour quality.

If the workshop space of flour machinery and equipment processing is narrow and the lighting and ventilation effect is poor, in the milling process of flour machinery and equipment, it is necessary to open the door of the workshop to increase lighting and maintain good indoor ventilation. However, because the clean indoor air environment can not be guaranteed, the probability of polluted flour will inevitably increase. In addition, if the sealing of flour machinery and equipment exists problems, the production process will lead to dust diffuse, not only can not guarantee the quality of flour, but also seriously threaten the health of staff. Therefore, keeping the workshop environment in line with hygiene is of great significance to ensure the production quality of flour machinery and equipment.

The concept of flour milling

large Flour Mill plant

The purpose of flour milling is to process wheat after cleaning and moisture regulation into special flour, refined flour, standard flour, etc. suitable for different needs through the method of flour mechanical action, and to separate by-products at the same time. Flour milling technology is the most complex and important section of wheat processing. The key of flour milling process is how to separate endosperm from wheat skin and wheat germ as completely as possible. Therefore, the primary problem to be solved in flour milling is how to achieve high quality flour and high flour yield after flour mechanical production, which is also the complexity of the flour milling process. With the development of society, special flour has become a trend, and the requirement for flour mechanical technology is becoming higher and higher.

The pulverizing process mainly includes grinding, impact, cleaning, sieving and so on. The purpose of grinding is to use the force of the grinding head of the flour mill to peel the wheat seeds, then scrape the endosperm from the bran, and then grind the endosperm into a certain degree of fineness of flour. Impact is the use of high-speed rotating equipment parts to make wheat endosperm particles repeatedly collide and strike, so that wheat endosperm impact into a certain degree of fineness of flour. The purpose of flour cleaning is to separate the wheat residue and the wheat core in the grinding process into several kinds through the combined action of air flow and sieving, and to purify the wheat residue and the wheat core. The purpose of screening equipment is to classify wheat flour according to the specific gravity of grain size.

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