Maize Miller

Maize miller are other popular types of mills used for maize, potatoes, and other grains. Their advantages include nice appearance, high efficiency, compact structure, and easy operation. This maize miller is a very popular product for export, especially for the African market.

maize mill

FC series maize miller machine

FC series maize miller machine fits for medium and small scall facatory whose scope covers food,condiment,animal feed,troditional chinese medicine,chemical industry.This machine has many advantages,such as high capacity,low power consumption, stable working,safe and reliable,easy handling.Saving labors if matching auto-sucking machine,fan and discharger.

maize millers
maize miller machine
FC Series Maize Miller
Maize Miller Machine

Main Technical Data

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Rotate speed(r/min) Rotator diameter(mm) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
FC36 350-2000 11 4200 360 200 1490*700*1200
FC50 550-3500 30 3300 500 520 1750*980*1600
FC80 1200-8000 55 2180 800 980 2280*1500*2280
FC16 30-200 1.5/220V 8000 160 38 500*460*400
FC23 50-560 2.2/220V 6600 230 68 580*520*460
FC27 180-1000 7.5/380V 4600 270 98 700*660*530
FC36 250-2000 7.5/380V 4200 360 168 1150*720*1120
FC50 450-3500 22/380V 3300 500 460 1350*860*1280

Large Maize Flour Miller

Large Maize Miller Plant
Large Maize Miller Plant detail

Parameter of 120TPD maize milling plant

Capacity: 120T maize per 24 hours Finished Products and by products:

  • a.Big maize grits: about 15%  granularity 10-20mesh
  • b.Middle maize grits: about 20%  granularity 20-40mesh
  • c.Small maize grits: about 10%  granularity 40-60mesh
  • d. Maize Fine Flour: about 35%  through 60 Mesh Sieve.
  • e. Maize germ& bran& Coarse Fodder:about 20%

Workshop dimension: 30×9×12m(L×W×H)
Power: About 470kw.

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