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Description of NPK Plant

We are the main manufacturer of Npk production line in China, and the efficienly-energy-saving fertilizer equipment is one of the key state-supported products, once for which, our company gained the title"the base for manufacturing fertilizer equipment in china. If you have any interests to cooperate with us, pls contact me at any time.

NPK Plant

Advantages of compound fertilizer

Nutrient elements

The total nutrient content of compound fertilizer is generally high, and there are many kinds of nutrient elements. At one time, compound fertilizer can be used to supply more than two main nutrient elements for crops at least.

Uniform structure

For example, ammonium phosphate does not contain any useless accessory components, and its anion and cation are the main nutrient elements for crop absorption.The nutrient distribution of this kind of fertilizer is relatively uniform, and the structure of the fertilizer is close, the nutrient release is uniform, and the fertilizer effect is stable and long compared with the powder or crystalline unit fertilizer.Because of the minor components, it has little influence on the soil.

Good physical properties

The compound fertilizer is usually made of granules, which has small hygroscopicity, easy caking, convenient storage and application, especially for mechanized fertilization.

Storage,transportation and packaging

Due to the minor components in compound fertilizer, the content of effective components is generally higher than that of unit fertilizer, so the cost of packaging, storage and transportation can be saved.For example, 1 tons of ammonium phosphate per storage, approximately equal to 4 tons of superphosphate and ammonium sulfate storage and transportation.

NPK plant

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