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The body of rapeseed oil absorption rate is high, up to 99%,so it contains linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E and other nutrients can be well absorbed by the body, with a certain degree of softening the blood vessels, anti-aging effect. As the raw material of the oil is the kind of plant species, usually contain a certain amount of seed phospholipids, the blood vessels, nerves, brain development is very important. Rapeseed oil has little or no cholesterol, so people who are afraid of cholesterol can eat at ease. Omega 3 content is higher.

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Production Method of Rapeseed Oil Production:

1. Cleaning: cleaning before the first rapeseed on the bamboo baskets, the broken foot which together with the mud (mud), and then filtered. Removed through the wind mill lighter than rapeseed gray debris. Thickness were then sieve to remove greater than or less than the rapeseed inclusions.

2. Broiling: Using sandwich pot (two pots can also be set up and use), mezzanine, or fine sand can be filled Cao Hui. Start fried, the fire may be slightly larger, about 0.5 hours later, a burst of rapeseed pot, which should control the fire. Rapeseed pan 10 minutes before the flame should be suppressed, when the pot temperature reached rapeseed 115 ~ 120 ℃, after hand-twist rapeseed crushed golden brown, you can pan. Qin flip when fried.

3. Grinding: grinding to be flat, adjusting the level of good friction, even under the material, size, seeds separate grinding, grinding, when not the whole seed. Grind seeds should wash turned ground sweep, the first Road will play a slot blank, adding about 3% of the screen, or 2% of the net Mallotus 3-centimeter-long mixed-grass heart, the pressure out of billet thickness more than 0.2 centimeters, mixed Mallotus or grass under the heart, allows the direct steam blanks.

4. Steamed blank: Head and Body steam 2 minutes or so, take the green gas, two blank steam 25 minutes. Continuously to the pot when steaming water to supplement the loss. Steam waist not leak, light a fire of coal to increase uniformity. Caldron at the end, we should add a layer of brown and protecting caldron at the end, but also non-stick blanks. At this point the water should be Qinhuan steamer.

5. Packet cake, on the pressing: Head Road, playing double-ring, two dozen laps, distributed packet cake, centralized installation pressing, package cake to be fast, the cake has to be tight foot flat foot. Package cake with scattered grass is better.

6. Crush: tap, ground fight. Make cake quickly pressed out of oil soft reduction, handling pressure, 1 hour, oil and most of the squeeze, re-play, slow play, to increase the pressure. Yao Da-ping hit is hit pole up and down sharp uniform. Road to play the first three hours, the oil 90%, two dozen 4 hours, squeeze out the next morning. In order to prevent the cold wind, covered with insulation board or sacks squeezed.

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rapeseed oil press
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