What are the structure and advantages of our pellet machine?

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What is the structure of our pellet machine?

Our pellet machine is composed of 16 parts, the gear box, the spindle box, the hopper, the upper box, the hopper, the bottom frame, the press roll, the voltmeter, the ampere meter, the grinding disc, the start button, the active coupling, and the motor.

structure of our pellet machine

How does the pellet machine work?

The motor drives the main shaft through the gear box, the main shaft drives the grinding disc to rotate, and the roller rolls around the roller shaft to rotate the main shaft to drive the roller to rotate at the same time. After processing the raw material, the raw material of biomass is sent to the feeding room of the flat die pellet machine, and the materials are dropped on the flat die. The main shaft drives the grinding disc to rotate, and the roller passes through the material layer continuously, and the material is extruded into the mold hole, and the material passes through the process of forming and maintaining type in the die hole. After a certain period of time, the cylinder is extruded, and the cutter is cut off to form particles. The dump plate sends out the pellets. This is the whole working principle of the pellet machine, with high safety coefficient and simple and convenient operation.

What are the advantages of modern pellet machine?

  1. The processing range of modern pellet machine is wider than that of traditional pellet machine. Regardless of the trees, pine, bamboo crumbs, peanut shells, rice husks, straw and other materials we can find, we can make pellets without any additives.
  2. The design of modern pellet machine is scientific and the material is excellent. For example, the gearbox adopts multistage gear drive. The gear is made of high quality alloy steel, carburized and quenched on the surface, and finely processed by grinding. Stable transmission, low noise, high carrying capacity and long service life.
  3. The working strength of the modern granulator is increased. As the main shaft, the roller shaft, the spindle bearing and the roller bearing are all increased, the load can be more than doubled.
  4. The pellets of modern pellet machine are of high quality and large yield. Because of modern particles and large diameter pressure rollers, it has large yield, high granulation rate, uniform particle size and high particle strength.
  5. After a long period of research and experiment, the modern pellet machine can increase the contact area between the flat die and the roller by changing the form of the flat die hole arrangement, which can greatly reduce the wear speed of the flat die and improve the life of the flat die. This has been applied for a patent.
  6. The modern pellet machine has compact structure and reasonable design. All bearings are equipped with a sealed structure to effectively prevent dust from entering, improving the working environment of bearings and prolonging the service life of bearings.
  7. The modern pellet machine adopts advanced steel parts, so that the strength and toughness of the pellet machine are greatly enhanced.
  8. The modern pellet machine adopts new technology, and its design is scientific and reasonable. 
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