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The second generation technology of biomass energy

Straw pellet making machine is the second generation technology of biomass energy. A tree was buried in the soil millions of years ago, it would become fossil energy today. Nowadays, it is possible to achieve such transformation directly through straw pellet making machine. Professionals gave the technology an image name-planting energy.

Advantages of straw pellet making machine

Straw pellet making machine has many advantages, such as cleaning, turning waste into treasure, increasing farmers' income, ensuring national energy security and so on. In essence, straw pellet making machine is the second generation of biomass energy, and the upgraded version of ethanol gasoline. In Europe and America, this technology development is thrived. Today, fuel pellet biomass energy has entered the second generation of technology.

Compared with other new energy sources such as wind, water, solar and nuclear energy, biomass energy is the only product that can completely replace traditional fossil energy. Because wind energy and water power can only generate electricity. Biomass energy can not only generate electricity, but also control oil and gas, and can meet the needs of aircraft, automobiles, ships and other uses of liquid and gas fuel.

Straw pellet making machine based on rural development

It not only saves the expensive cost of straw returning to the field, but also solves the problem of straw random stacking, and truly realizes turning waste into treasure. It can promote the value-added of crop straw, the increase of farmers' income and the protection of ecological environment. It will play a positive role in adjusting the structure of agriculture and animal husbandry and returning farmland to forests and grasslands.

In the past, after farmers harvested wheat and maize in summer and autumn, the treatment of corn straw and wheat straw was a troublesome thing. Because of the affluence of life, people do not use these straws as fuel, the treatment of straw is difficult. Therefore, some people burn them, and some straws are thrown on the roadside or riverside, which are not the long-term solutions. It not only pollutes the environment, but also causes serious security risks, and also affects traffic. Straw pellet making machine solves all these problems. Now let's talk about the solution.

Working principle of straw pellet making machine

The working principle of the straw pellet making machine is that corn straw and wheat straw are used as raw materials and pressed into cylindrical fuel by the straw pellet making machine. No additives or binder should be added to the material during processing. Straw and other materials contain a certain amount of cellulose and lignin. The lignin is the structural monomer of materials, which is a phenylpropane type polymer compounds. It can enhance cell wall and bind cellulose. The straw pellet making machine is based on the rural development, and the original worthless things have become the favorite of enterprise boilers, baths, household boilers, biomass power stations. This not only solves the problem of difficult straw treatment, but also enables farmers to truly realize common prosperity.

Other advantages of straw pellet making machine

The straw pellet making machine has the advantages of small volume, flexible movement, and can also be used for both diesel and electricity (motor or diesel engine can be selected according to the actual situation of users). The process is simple and can be produced by one person, feeding and cutting, and granulating at one time. In order to meet the needs of different people, our straw pellet making machine has a daily output of 2 tons, 3 tons and other different output options, even the daily production requirements of 10 tons and 20 tons of us can meet.

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