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Jatropha oil introduce

The oil content of Jatropha curcas was as high as 60%, they can be extracted biodiesel with non sulfur, non polluting, and is accord with euro four emission standard. Similar with croton tiglium, 3-5 jatropha seeds (shelled, ground) can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, burning sensation in the upper abdomen can also be produced.It also contains hemostatic components, which can significantly shorten thrombin time, bleeding time and blood clotting time,however, the component of protein contained in it has the function of prolonging thrombin time.

jatropha tree

Introduction of Jatropha oil press

Fully automatic jatropha oil press produced by our company is widely used in oil workshops, oil processing plants. The complete set of equipment investment is between 2-4 RMB, investors can do processing or oil processing, and then sell, is a venture investment projects. Processing oil crops: soybeans, peanuts, sesame seeds, rapeseed, oil sunflower seeds, cottonseed and other oil crops. The series of units are mainly composed of five parts: automatic control part, heating press part, adjustment part, drive part and vacuum filter oil.

  • The automatic control system includes: air switch, AC contactor, temperature control instrument, circuit automatic protection system and so on.
  • The heating press part is composed of a heater, a screw bolt and a pressing bar, and an assembly of the machine body.
  • The driving part is composed of a main shaft, a reducer, a pulley, a motor wheel, and the like.
  • The adjusting part is composed of an adjusting screw, an adjusting nut, a handle, a locking nut, etc.
  • The vacuum oil filtering part is composed of a vacuum pump, a filter oil tank and a pipeline.

Working principle of Jatropha oil press

The power reducer is transmitted to the main shaft, and the screw on the main shaft rotates along with the oil continuously between the threads, as the space between the squeezing chamber and the screw bolt decreases, the density of the oil increases, so the pressure increases gradually. In the press process, the automatic temperature control device increases the temperature of the main body of the engine, thus reducing the labor intensity and the abrasion of the machine, save energy, save electricity, save time. Friction between oil particles, between oil and parts produces heat. Save energy, save electricity, save time. Friction between oil particles, between oil and parts produces heat. In this way, the two elements of the pressure and heat of the oil extraction process are formed, which destroy the tissue cells of the oil, oil spills from the oil line, and the cake is pushed out of the cake and between the cakes. When the spilled oil flows in through the oil filter on top of the barrel, the barrel in the air out of the vacuum pump. The negative pressure formed in the barrel, oil is pumped through the filter cloth, into the barrel, and the oil was isolated in the cloth above, then get the pure oil.

jatropha oil press

Advantages of jatropha oil press

Jatropha curcas is a world recognized bioenergy tree with high economic value, the kernel is a traditional soap and lubricant materials, and have diarrhea and emetic effect was for pesticide and fertilizer. Great progress has been made in the study of Jatropha oil as fuel, the modified jatropha oil can be applied to all kinds of diesel engines, and are better than the domestic diesel zero key technologies in the flash point, freezing point, sulfur content, carbon monoxide emissions and particulate value, reach the euro two emission standard.

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