How about the Profit of Small Oil Press Project?

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Supporting equipments of small oil press project

Generally speaking, supporting equipment of oil press include peanut sheller, hoist, pan, oil filter, etc, through the coordination between them, the transformation process of oil crops to edible oil is completed. Now, we will take the "squeezed peanut" as an example to explain the work flow of the whole production line in detail.

  • Husking and peeling. The shelling with shell oil crops such as cottonseed, peanut, can improve the process capacity and oil yield rate of oil press;
  • Fried oilseeds. The quality of frieding oil directly effect the oil quality and oil yield rate.  As the saying goes, "three points press, seven points fry', which is obviously explains that fry material is important in the process of oil extraction.
  • Lifting and pressing in the oil press. The raw material is lifted to a certain height by the lifting machine, automatically from the elevator, and then sent to the oil press to make the press. The automation of the equipment production is realized.
  • Filter for dregs of fat. Oil processed by oil press contains a certain amount of dregs of fat , in order to improve its purity, we use diesel oil filter to filter the equipment inside, can be directly used to obtain pure edible oil.

Funds and field for investing small oil press project

If you want to invest a small oil press project, our oil press plant is your best choice, which includes frying pan, oil press, and oil filter, the whole price is about 10000 yuan. In the neighborhood to find a 10-20 square metres of small facade, rent a month is 2500 yuan. There are many peanut production in the region, in order to make the small oil press to maximize the benefits, we take the "squeeze now sold" and "send material to press " two ways at the same time. Buy 400kg peanuts, assuming the price a pound of peanuts is 5 yuan, the cost of raw materials 2000 yuan. In the initial stage of processing, if you can’t determine how is the business going, in order to reduce the cost as much as possible, you can operate the oil press by yourself, which will save the cost of labor. At the same time, in order to give customers a clean and sanitary feeling, to enhance the level of small oil press, a simple decoration on the small oil press, spent 2000 yuan. Comprehensive calculation, open a small small oil press, the total investment is 10000+2500+2000+2000=16500 yuan, relatively speaking, the investment is still relatively small.
small oil press

How about the profit cost of small oil press?

What is the profit of the small oil press? This is the most concern of the clients. And we use squeezed peanuts as an example to explain briefly.

  • Suppose the peanut cost is 8 yuan per kilometer to calculate. It costs 4.05 yuan to ship to the house. The cost of peanuts is 4.05x2000=8100 yuan.
  • Two workers.1 tons of peanuts will cost about 50x2=100 yuan.
  • Electricity cost: average per ton of peanut power consumption is 30 degree, you need to cost 30x1=30 yuan.
  • Coal consumption: peanut consumption per ton of coal at around 15-20 yuan. We charge 20 yuan.
  • So the cost: 8100+100+30+20=8250
  • Peanut oil yield is 42% - 53% (flat is not calculated), the profit analysis we calculated in accordance with the minimum oil yield of 48%.
  • Oil yield is around 1000x48%=480kg. The oil press according to different areas, prices vary, basically the price between 10 to 16 yuan. We'll take the minimum as 10 yuan. Then peanut oil income is: 960X10=9600 yuan.
  • General speaking, 50kg peanut can press 25-30kg oil. We suppose that 50kg raw material can press 25kg oil. From the rest of the oil cake was 500kg, 1000X1.6 yuan =1600 yuan. The market price of peanut oil cake at between 1.3-1.8, that is 1.6 yuan per catty.
  • The total income is: 9600+1600=11200 yuan.
  • Profit is 11200-8250=2950 yuan, that is, a ton of profit is 2950 yuan.

business model of small oil press

  • Accept customers’material for pressing. This type of business model is characterized by seasonality, continuous production in peak seasons, and long hours in a single day. The advantage is that the profit is relatively stable, and the drawback is that the production and operation time is short. Rural oil market will gradually shrink with the urbanization and population employment transfer.
  • Mobility processing model. The limitations of this model are large. The advantage of this model is the high processing costs, no shuttle, the profits are guaranteed; Drawback is the flow of operations, parking, parking cumbersome.
  • Field processing sales model. The advantage of this model is that the store is fixed, the tourists are fixed, the price is moderate, and the profit margin is higher. The disadvantage is that the market is mainly for the purchase of older people, more sensitive to the price. The lack of ability to control the money, is not conducive to the development of chain.
  • Supermarket oil pressing model: The advantages of this model: the main consumer groups for young, consumption ability, high sales prices, high profits, supermarket collection, no bargain Maling problem, money management convenience, conducive to the development of chain. Disadvantages: long business hours, higher requirements for the performance and appearance of the oil press.
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