Common problems and causes analysis of flat die pellet mill

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Roller part of flat die pellet mill

Roller part of flat die pellet mill

Question: Deformation or fracture of roller cross shaft.

Analysis of causes: 1. hard objects resistance; 2. quality problems of forgings.


Question: Roller bearing damage.

Analysis of causes: 1. non regular injection of lubricating oil; 2. quality reasons of bearing itself.


Question: Wear of roller shell.

Analysis of causes: 1. normal or abnormal wear and tear over a long period of time; 2. hard objects suppress damage; 3. poor heat treatment leads to excessive wear.


Flat die part of pellet mill

Flat die part of pellet mill

Question: Flat die fragmentation.

Analysis of causes: 1. hard objects are mixed into the raw materials; 2. the quality of flat die is not qualified.


Question: No pellet or serious wear of the flat die.

Analysis of causes: 1. grinding does not pass through; 2. moisture of raw material is high or low; 3. the gap of roller and flat die need to be readjusted; 4. normal working wear.


Question: Uneven flat die holes, flat die rusting or uncleanness of surface burrs, etc.

Analysis of causes: 1. the processing equipment is not precise, or small diameter but thick flat die; 2. after heat treatment of flat die, it is easy to oxidize and rust in moist environment; 3. production management is not in place.

Box body and other parts of flat die pellet mill

Box body and other parts of flat die pellet mill

Question: Case breakage.

Analysis of causes: 1. in the process of work, there are hard objects entry or gravity hammer; 2. the box body itself has the quality problem.


Question: Fastening screw damage causes the failure to reinforce the box.

Analysis of causes: 1. when fastening screws, thread damage is caused by no control thread tightening; 2. hammer screws; 3. screw thread itself has problems, reaming or replacing the box.


Question: Basin angle tooth damage.

Analysis of causes: 1. there is a screw or hard object in a gearbox.; 2. bad holding-on of small gear shaft and large gear; 3. long running normal wear and tear.


Common problems, cause analysis and solutions of flat die pellet mill

Existing problems Possible reasons Solutions
No pellet of the mill. 1. The new flat die is not inadequately ground or ground with oil. 1. Removing the raw material from the current machine and adding oil material into the raw material to fit the new flat die.
2. High raw material moisture. 2. Adjusting the moisture of the raw material to the appropriate.
A sudden stop of the motor. 1. Voltage below level. 1. Starting up the mill when the voltage is stable.
2. The pressure between the roller and the flat die  is too large. 2. Adjusting the gap between the roller and the flat die properly.
The made pellets are very soft or powdery. 1. The raw material is too dry. 1. Properly adjusting the water content of the raw material.
2. The flat die has been badly worn and needs to be replaced. 2. You can replace the flat die.
Roller wear too fast. 1. There is no raw material between the roller and the flat die for a long time. 1. Adding material in time to ensure that the raw materials are filled between the flat die  and the roller.
2. There are a lot of small hard sundries in the raw materials. 2. Sieving raw materials before adding raw materials.

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