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When northern hemisphere is experiencing the cold weather now, the South America on the other hand is in summer time, recently, the weather report seems to have affected the soybean price in the market: the long time of dry weather is more likely to become a draught, the weather report says that the temperature for next week would reach to 40 ℃, and it will more likely to cause the reduction of the vegetable oilseeds, as America and South America are the main oilseed origins in the world, the industrial magazine in Germany predicted that in the next 3 months, the delay of vegetable oilseeds harvest and the transportation problem would transfer the pressure of oilseeds export to America, thus the price of the vegetable oilseeds is more likely to rise. It is predicted that the soybean production in Argentina in 2013 is 0.5 billion tons.
Weather conditions could affect the oilseeds price in 2 aspects: one is through the reduction of the oilseeds, the other is the oilseeds quality. Oilseeds quality would affect the oil content, that means more oilseeds are going to be used to produce the same amount of vegetable oil, and more power are consumed.
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Vegetable Oil Extraction
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