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Everyone knows there are more and more agro-waste e.g.: crop residue and industrial waste e.g.: industrial residue, in the past, we always throw them away, that not only pollutes the environment but also is a waste of resources. So now we invent new equipment called pellet mill which can make crop residue or industrial residue into particle, the particle is mainly cylindrical, sometimes it may be other shapes. It can be used in different fields. There are different types of particles and the use is different. Here I’ll introduce this to you.

The use of wood pellet

Pellets made by wood pellet mill contain many kinds of different pellets, such as bamboo pellet, cornstalk pellet, wheat bran pellet, peanut husk pellet and so on. They are generally used for burning purposes. ○1For common family, they can use the pellet for heating, the rate of combustion is very high. ○2For industries, the pellet is burned to satisfy the power needed for the boilers. It’s alternative of coal, petroleum and gas. At the same time, the pellet can be the fuel of thermal power.○3 Moreover, the pellet can be used as animal bedding.

The use of feed pellet

This pellet usually uses for feeding purposes.
There is more and more feed mill. Not only the large-scale, medium-scale but also the small scale feed mill prefer to use the feed pellet to feed their animals, because the size of the pellet is even and it is smooth, the nutritional value increases, so animals can absorb it fully, use the pellet can improve their economic returns.
Poultry and livestock plant also would like to use feed pellet to feed their pig, sheep, cattle, chicken rabbit, pigeon, duck etc.
The feed pellet is still used for household, no matter how many poultry and live stocks you feed, you can use feed pellet to feed them.


The use of plastic pellet

Plastic pellet comes from various kinds of plastic; it is widely used in factories which produce plastic products, such as the factory which makes woven bag, bag of cement factory and so on. We can also realize the use of plastic pellet form the following details:
For daily life, plastic pellet can be used to make articles of daily use, e.g. plastic bag, bucket, basin, toys, stationery etc.
For clothing industry, it can be used to make clothing, ties, buttons, zippers etc.
For building materials, it can be used to make kinds of building component, building implements, plastics doors and windows, etc.
For agricultural it can be used to make agricultural film, pipe for drawing water, agricultural implements, packaging bag of fertilizer or cement, etc.
For chemical industry, it can be used to make reaction still, pipeline, container, pump and valve etc.

The use of straw pellet

Recently, as the development of technology, straw pellet is produced. It is perfect to use as bedding for animals, especially for horses. Compared to straw, straw pellet need less for equivalent absorbency, also straw pellet is softer than wood pellet and can be broken down easily, so it is more proper being bedding, moreover, it is easy and fast to clean straw pellet litter; the product can be recycled and be reused in different ways. After using for bedding, the waste can be used as fertilizer, simultaneously, it can be used for home heating as well as wood pellet.

The use of metal particles

Nowadays, the metal particles are mainly comes from the waste metal, especially iron ore, they are not very popular, so they are mainly used in mechanical industry and steel manufacture.
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