Process of Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

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The pellet manufacturing equipment’s working process can be broken down into 6 stages. These stages are discussed below.

1. The first step involves the collection of raw material and bringing it into the pellet manufacturing equipments. These 
raw material include saw dust, wood chippings, and any other form of biomass that can be used in making pellets. 

2. Hammer mill, as part of the pellet manufacturing equipment can crushed the raw material into uniform fiber sizes. 
This is particularly so for large pieces of wood that may need to be crushed to a more reasonable size that can be pelletized by the pellet equipment.

3. After crushing, the resulting fibers need to be injected with moisture, which is necessary for the process of pellet 
equipments. A steam machine is used in this process.  
4. The raw material is then fed into a pellet press or pellet making machine, which compresses the fibers against a 
die, to form the pellets. Pellet press or pellet making machine uses high pressure, heat, and friction to form the pellets.

5. The pellets are then taken from the pellet press and chilled.

6. The final step of pellet manufacturing equipment pellet manufacturing equipment pellet manufacturing equipment 
involves the inspection of the pellets for any loose dirt, and those that are up to the required standard are sprayed with hot air to remove dirt particles. These may then be packaged for shipping.
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