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coconut oil is a kind of saturated oil, the heat in the cooking will not create free radicals, it is easy to preserve, theoretically coconut oil can be kept under the normal temperature for 2-3 years, it can be used in bread roasting and the making of muffins, but the same as the other oils, if the cooking temperature is too high, toxic matters would be created. Most people have had coconut oils before, but do you know how the coconut oil is made?
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Coconut flesh contains about 30% of oil content, the dried coconut copra contains Coconut oil can be made in two ways, one is the dry method; the other is the wet method. Dry method means to use mechanic power to press the oil out of the copra; the wet method means to boil the coconut flesh in water and the coconut oil would be discharged and separated easily from the water. People choose the dry method for the low power consumption and the simplicity of the processing steps.
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