History of Pelletizing Machine and Roller Mill

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Pelletizing roller or roller mill is part of the pelletizing machine, Connected with the inner peripheral surface of a ring die which has several holes on it. These holes are for the raw materials of pellet making to past through when the die is rotated, such as saw dust Log wood, woodchips or short rotation crop forests and other energy crops.

Of course, intentionally burning wood has a very long history. Homo erectus used it for warmth some 500,000 years ago and we Homo sapiens have used it for processes such as cooking and pottery making for around 10,000 years. Wood-fired underfloor heating was used by the Romans, Vikings and Anglo Saxons. Now a days, Pelletizing machine with roller mill as a popular pellet making machine can make wood pellets. As is known to all, these pellets have much more advantages than any other fuel.

Before the fossil fuel age began in the early days of the industrial revolution, pretty well the entire human race depended on wood as its main source of heat, not that friendly to the environment as the wood pellet made by the pelletizing machines with roller mill.

Water and wind power were developed to some degree, but wood was the dependable heavyweight source of energy until coal was taken up on a large scale during the 19th century. But unlike pelletizing machine with roller mill, coal is not only dirty but also harmful to the environment.

Now, as we approach the point of peak oil production and fossil fuel reserves are diminishing rapidly, the value of wood pellets as a renewable fuel resource has been recognized once more. At this point, pelletizing machines which can make wood pellets with wood waste are noticed by more and more people.
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