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AGICO group is a company that can provide the most advanced ring die feed pellet mill and the installation services in China, feed production is growing and becoming larger each year, for feed quality could affect a lot to the yield of live stock industry.


Straw is a kind of crop residue that is used as the raw material for feed pellet plant, it contains useful chemical contents and nutrition matters. Corn straw has been used as feed to the live stock for a very long time. Now with ring die feed pellet mill and proper processing methods like silage storage, ammoniated and glycosylated, the utilization ratio could be higher. Digestible heat in the corn straw is about 2235.8kj/kg, which is equal with the pasture. The animal waste from the corn straw is more easy to be decomposed in the earth, which makes it with higher environmental value.


There are two main kinds of feed pellet mills-flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.

Ring die feed pellet mill has the advantages of higher yield, low power consumption, while flat die pellet mill is more suitable to produce pellet with high density and hardness.


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