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The briquetting machine is getting more and more attention from people and governments in the whole world. Many people may have no idea about the briquetting machine which has brought great change for the people who live in mountainous area. As we all know, people living in the barren areas have to rely on tress as heat source. As the soaring price of oil and natural gas, more and more people have turned to the briquetting machines.

There are various briquetting machines in our company, such as, straw briquetting machine, coal briquetting machine, charcoal briquetting machine, rice husk briquetting machine, wood briquetting machine, and briquette press so on. This company has a long history in making briquetting machine, and has won high reputation from all over the world. Taking the sawdust as an example, sawdust possesses potential danger, such as fire which is especially common in summer. We heard from news about fires caused about the sawdust which was a severe social problem. Now the briquetting machines solve the problems and bring hope for the countries that have no much resource, such as Japan.

The briquetting machines have large potential market in the whole world, because the volatile situation and wars make the energy crisis more and more severe. You will be guaranteed a preferential price if you establish long term cooperation with us, and I believe our products with high quality and first rate after sale service will bring great fortune to you.

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