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Dear Sir or Madam;
I will be thankful if you kindly send the details of input and output connection of Stabilizing Dryer machine, specially utility and piping connections which are needed for my further decision making process.
I highly appreciate your support.
---From Amercia
Hi, I am Broiler Farmer, with current capacity of 120,000 birds. And a plan to expan it to 240,000. Can you advise me the Feasibility of installing a small feed mill unit for own requirements, With option of commercial use in future. Please gave me minimum cost of full feed mill equipment for my current consumption of around 500,000 KG per Flock i.e 42 Days or 12000 Kg per day.
--- From Qatar
I am a small scale and looking for a small and basic machinery for making chicken feed. This must include a soya bean roasting machine.
--- England
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