How to Quote A Wood Pellet Line

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1. Which type of trees will your raw materials come from?

2. What do the raw materials consist of?
Are they logs, sawdust, wood, wood chips, or shavings, etc?

What’s the size of the raw materials? 
If possible please provide photographs of the raw materials on top of a ruler, then can confirm the dimensions.

3. What is the moisture content of the raw materials?

4. How much raw materials do you have available per month? If you have mixed raw materials, what is the ratio?
5. What is the yield required of the wood pellet machine?

6. What is your factory voltage and frequency of three-phase power? 
The electricity we use is 3-phase 380V, 50HZ. 
If you have different requirements please inform us.
7. If you need a dryer, what fuel will be used for the dryer’s stove?

8. Environmental requirements for a wood pellet line.

Dust will appear during the wood drying and making of the pellets. Although we try to reduce the dust, if the amount is too much we can add dust collectors which will reduce the dust overflow while at the same time increasing your investment. Please inform us if you want to add a dust collector.

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