How Pellets Press and Biomass Pellet Maker Work

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Pellets Press can make waste things or unwanted products to be something of value. In this way Pellets Press and Biomass Pellet Maker helps to lower carbon emissions It is definitely quite beneficial for our world, and makes Comprehensive business spirit for your company. By reusing the waste products, you can trim down the bills of waste disposal and get something needed by this way.

A good biomass pellet maker can usually manage the processing listed below:
Hay, miscanthus, straw and other energy crops, Log wood, woodchips or short rotation crop forests;
Want to Produce Pellets at home?

With more and more people know about the importance of environmental protection and Energy conservation, the demand from customers of wood pellet fuel for home heating or warming is definitely growing. Due to the fact this sort of energy can certainly meet quite a lot of today's topics with renewable energy and resource recycling, furthermore benefit for environmental and energy-saving, which means that it is really cool to have a pellets press or biomass pellet maker. Then you can make pellet at home by yourself! How Do Pellets Press and Biomass Pellet Maker Work? How to make pellet?

Firstly, purchase a pellet maker. Next, to prepare suitable materials and read some pellet processing guide, then go to try and you can make pellet yourself easily.

The biomass pellet maker procedures involve 5 key processes:
First and foremost, chipping the raw wood materials into small pieces with a wood chipping machine, then by using hammer mills these small-scale products are crushed into wood powder as appropriate.
Different materials has different best percentage of water when pelletizing, therefore, drying the pellets press materials to an best moisture content before adding them into pellet maker is very important. In general, 13-15% is the most beneficial pelletizing moisture content.
After drying to moisture content, the products should be placed into the pellets press or biomass pellet maker. There are some kinds of l pelletizing machines, pellet maker with ring die, flat die, small scale, diesel motor etc. Which one to choose is depending on your needs. 
After pelletizing, the temperature is around 60-80 degree and the moisture content of pellets press product is around 15%. In this instance, the moisture content ought to be cut down by 3%-4% or 7%-8% by using a cooling machine for storage suitable.
If you don't want to burn the pellets directly, you need to pack the pellets because by this way wood pellets can be protect well from affecting damp and also make it easy to store.

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