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The traditional way of keeping the house warm by lit the fire place is still a good option for most people, a lot of people might complain that the fire goes out too frequently and the high quality pellet and briquette in the shops are too expensive. Now AGICO-one of the leading pellet mill manufacturers in China brings you small pellet making machines: you want to make your own pellets? Come to our products page to check out!

wood pellets

With the technology and experience on pellet making machine designing, the machines for home pellet making is developed.

flat die pellet press

The small pellet making machine for home use surely can make your winter warmer, compared to other fuels, this one time investment will reduce your fuel cost every single year, the process of the pellet making will make you feel good after all days of work in the office, watching the raw materials coming out of the pellet miller as round sticks, what a relief. And picture this, after supper, the whole family sitting on the sofa with the red light and the sound of the fire coming from the fireplace, talking with each other.
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