The comparison of wood pellet mill and feed pellet mill

Feed pellet mill is the process of making corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal etc. into pellets. The pellets can be used for feeding animals or poultry. As the development and improvement of technology, pellet mill can make waste wood, wood chips, logs, sawdust, etc. into pellets. They are mainly used for burning purposes. We call this wood pellet mill. Obviously, the two pellet mills are different from each other, but they still have some common points, here, I’ll introduce them to you, and if you’re interested in this, you can have a general idea.
1. The raw material is different
 For the feed pellet mill, the raw material is mainly corn meal, straw meal, grass meal, soybean meal, cottonseed meal ,rice husk etc. they are relatively soft and easy to process, so they can be directly processed without any other binder or they just need a little liquid material. Moreover, the pellets are smooth. The nutritional value increases and animals can absorb it easily. In addition, the pellet can be stored and transported easily
For the wood pellet mill, the raw material refers to logs, waste wood, wood chips, shaving, sawdust, groundnut-shell, sugarcane biogases, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks, tobacco waste, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, wheat straw, palm husk, etc. from the materials we can know that they are mainly raw fiber, so they’re hard to be made into pellets, sometimes, they should be made into sawdust first.
2. The scope of application is different.
Pellets made by feed pellet mill usually used in large-scale, medium-scale or small scale feed mill, poultry and livestock plant, and farmers at any capacity to feed animals, poultry, livestock.While pellets made by wood pellet mill generally used for burning purposes. For common family, they can use the pellet for cooking or heating, the rate of combustion is very high. For industries, the pellet is burned to satisfy the power needed for the boilers. It’s alternative of coal, petroleum and gas. At the same time, the pellet can be the fuel of thermal power. Moreover, the pellet can be used as animal bedding.
3. The working principle is different
Compared to wood pellet mill, the appearance of feed pellet mill is smaller, and it is thinner than wood pellet mill.this differences are because of  About this we should mention the working principle. Generally, there are two types of pellet mill; the flat die pellet mill and the ring die pellet mill. For flat die design, feed and wood pellet mill works the same, the principle is that it utilize vertical of the earthforce of gravity to make feedstock into the hole. When the output is lower than 1 ton/h, it’s better to choose flat die pellet mill, because it has small volume and it’s convenient to transport. However, for ring die design, they are different. The main difference is that ring die pellet mill for making wood pellet adopts design of high efficiency centrifugal, when pelletizing, the die is stationary and the roller is rotating, this can make stronger centrifugal force and strengthen the degree of adhesion of feedstock, the pressure is several times than the ordinary feed pellet mill, so that is to say, ordinary feed pellet mill cannot pelletize wood pellet while wood pellet mill can make feed pellet.
Now that you know the two pellet mills, the pellet made by them is a new-style object; there are benefits to our society and environment, also it can bring economic benefits. If you want to have your own business or you are just interested in this, please pay action.

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