Biomass Briquette Equipment

Working principle:

Briquetting is a process that biomass is compressed under high pressure and high temperature.

The self bonding of biomass to form a briquette involves the thermo-plastic flow of the biomass. The lignin content that occurs naturally in biomass is liberated under high pressure and temperature. Lignin serves as the glue in the briquetting process, thus binding,compressing the biomss to form into high density briquettes.

During this process, no binder need to be used. So the ouput briquette is a type of clean and green fuel that is ideal for use in furnaces, boilers and open fires. The density of the briquettes is 1100~1300kg/m.

Biomass Briquette Equipment Biomass Briquetting Equipment
Model BZBJI Briquette Equipment
(with gear reducer 11kw motor)
Briquette Equipment Model BZBJII
(without gear reducer 15kw motor)
Briquette Equipment Briquettign Equipment
Briquette Equipment Model BZBJIII (18.5kw motor) Wood Briquettes made from Briquetting Press

Biomass Briquetting Press

Output kg/h 80-120 120-150 180-230
Motor Power (kw) 11kw(energy saving type with gear box) 15kw(without gear box) 18.5kw
Electric heater (kw) 1.5kw*3pcs 1.5kw*3pcs 2kw*3pcs
Weight(kg) 650kg 650kg 900kg
Overall dimension(mm) 1780*750*1290 1650*600*1260 1860*800*1360mm
Size of finished products Diameter:
30,40, 50mm

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Biomass Briquette Equipment, Biomass Briquetting Equipment, Biomass Briquette Press

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